"qwerty"    by    image munky    is licensed under    CC BY-NC 2.0

"qwerty" by image munky is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Necessary Fiction
I currently serve as Fiction Editor at Necessary Fiction, which publishes a new fiction piece each Wednesday. In 2019, five of our stories were featured in Wigleaf’s longest of the best very short fiction of the year. In 2018, two of our stories were featured.


Having to Tell Your Mother Is the Hardest Part
Inspired by socially charged photojournalism and mentor texts that include Junot Diaz and Claudia Rankine, this collection of personal narratives and letters written by students spanning ages ten to sixteen tackles questions about identity and the larger world. Ranging from the fears, dreams, and hopes of young writers to concerns about immigration to soccer tournament victories to a community that unites after an earthquake to critical responses to the 2016 United States presidential election, these young writers reflect on the encounters between themselves and the world around them, parsing out the meaning of identity in a multicultural and multilingual world. Read the New York Times Style Magazine article about the publication and the release party.


Delicious Havoc
Even the smallest ingredients can be the biggest inspiration. Food is the centerpiece of our lives, and in these eighty personal narratives food becomes more than a recipe for a meal—it becomes the narrative of many cultures. From horchata to “slap your mama” jerk chicken to a competitive father on a beach trip to a taste of home outside the United States, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, everyone needs to eat. Read more about the collection at NPR’s The Salt.


You Will Be Able to Say a Thousand Words
Zany fractured fairy tales. Melancholy poetry. Editorial cartoons about free speech. In this anthology of collected work for a literary non-profit, students from ages six to eighteen share their writing that ranges from the creative and weird to the newspaper op-ed.


A Spoonful of 2016
“How does what you eat reflect who you are?” From the Washington Post article about the collection. This book is an anthology of student writing that weaves together personal narratives on family, friendship, grief, and love with cherished and treasured recipes.

My Heart Went Beating Fast: Stories
A girl goes against her parents' wishes and signs up for cooking school. An FBI agent tries to win back her partner who has gone rogue. A plot to overthrow the president kicks off-- but after a stop at a McDonald's in the jungle first.These are stories of Dostoyevskian uncanniness, heartwarming friendships, O'Henry-style plot twists, and deep tragedy that range from the melancholy and heavy-hearted to the laugh out loud hilarious. 


Long Lost: Stories
Taking inspiration from master writers as wide-ranging as Ursula K. LeGuin, ZZ Packer, Zadie Smith, Edward P. Jones, and Joyce Carol Oates, this collection of short stories span genres and takes imaginative leaps through the joys, challenges, and wonders of creating unique worlds.

Everyone Is Moving, No One in Place
This poetry anthology speaks to the changes in our lives, the places where we live, and the challenges and inspirations we experience, all reflected in poems about the adolescent experience, advice on writing and life, and the dynamics of a changing city.